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Developing kindness, empathy and compassion

Our world needs more kindness, empathy and compassion. Our children are the leaders of our future. Teaching children to “just notice” and how to be non-judgemental in the present moment, can help our children to….

Be kind to themselves and others.

Develop empathy.

Know that it is ok to not be ok, they will learn that being vulnerable and asking for

help is a sign of strength and courage.

Be self-compassionate and practice compassion for others.

Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Regulate their emotions and practice more self-control.

Experience more happiness and well-being.

Build their resilience and be able to cope with lifes challenges as they arise.

If we can teach our children that mindfulness is a way of living and being each day, our children will experience more of the positive experiences that we all get to experience each day and they will show up better for themselves and others each day.

As I sign off, I want to leave you with a mindful exercise.

Set yourself a goal to experience “mindful moments” at least 3 times each day with your children, you will benefit from these “mindful moments” just as much as your children will.

Be where your feet are.

Be kind to yourself and be kind to your children by being present and “just noticing” where you are right now…

“Bring your attention to your breathe, notice if you are breathing shallowly or deeply, notice where you are sitting or standing, what does it feel like, is the surface soft and warm or are there some other feelings or sensations, bring your attention to your breathe and gently breathe in through your nose to the count of 4, hold your breathe to the count of 7 and breathe out through your mouth, to the count of 8, repeat this 3 times.

Now bring your attention to your feet and just notice are your feet warm, luke warm or cold, notice the sensations you feel in the soles of your feet, bring your attention to your toe’s, just notice your toe’s, wiggle your toe’s a little.

Right now “you are where your feet are”, you are just here, you are present. Gently bring your attention back to your breath and slowly go back to your day.



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