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A culture of trust

A culture of high trust will lead to “feelings” of togetherness and “feelings” of belonging, these “feelings” increase productivity and team engagement. Increased employee engagement will increase the level of customer service we provide our customers and in turn this will increase customer loyalty, which will result in increased sales.

Having a high trust culture creates teams who will want to do more for their companies and their work colleagues, every interaction we have with each member of our team is an opportunity to build trust. We can make a positive difference to our teams everyday by focusing on ways to build trust. Asking ourselves each morning ‘How can I build trust with my team today?” will focus our brains on finding new ways to build trust throughout our days.

When we trust someone we “feel” safe, take a moment now to think of 3 ways you can build trust with your team today (before you even have a conversation with each member of your team) that will help them to feel safe.

Leadership is easy when everything is going well, during testing times is when our teams need great leadership, our job is to lead with our hearts as well as our minds. Leadership is about movement, what type of leader will you show up as today,?

Stay safe and keep your team safe.

Neuro Coach & Team Development Coach

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