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My Passion


My neuroscience based approach to team development, organisational development and leadership development gets you the lasting results you require for success, I call this Return on People (ROP). We get these results faster by understanding how to use our brain more effectively and in turn we reach our Peak Mental Performance much quicker, when we do this we unleash our team's true potential

Wellbeing in the workplace is also very important to me. I believe everyone can be and should be happy in their roles. Using Positive Psychology Coaching (Science of Happiness) and Neuro Coaching, we work on creating team's that move from surviving to thriving, team's who understand what happiness in the workplace is, team's that are more productive, team's who love what they do and in turn, team's who will go the extra mile for you, your brand and your customers

I specialise in

Neuro Coaching

Brain based strategies for lasting results


Neuro Leadership & Management Training

Organisational change


Learn smarter

Neuro Education

Company Culture


Emotional Intelligence (EQi)

Leadership coaching and Development

Behaviour analyst


Motivation analyst

(Driving Forces)

Qualified WRAW Practitioner

Workspace Resilience and Well-Being

Positive Psychology Coaching

Well-Being in the workplace

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