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How fostering a culture of

Psychological Safety
can only result in success

Increased profits

Increased productivity

Team retention

Increased initiative

Why is psychological safety important in the workplace?

There is a worldwide shortage of “top” talent. To be the best organisation possible, as leaders, if we choose to listen to and act on what the science is telling us we can create positive, productive and rewarding working environments. When we do this we will attract and retain the top talent plus we will create more focused teams, teams that will grow and learn from each other.
Learning about and taking action on what science is telling us, will make a positive difference in the workplace. Inside psychologically safe workplaces teams enjoy their jobs, they experience increased motivation, engagement, productivity and as a result the organisation and team within the organisation experience more success both on a personal and professional level.

Sharing experience and helping leaders

My purpose behind doing this webinar is to share my experience and what I have learned from my studies and mentors. I want to help leaders, business owners and teams create better workplaces, where people can grow and learn from each other. There will be no sales pitch on this webinar. You won’t be asked to sign up for any programme. We will talk about the neuroscience of psychological safety (in a very practical way) and the important role it plays if you want to create a high-performance culture within your workplace.

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Better decision making


More initiative
and collaboration


Focus on
solving problems


Increased motivation
and resilience


Some of the benefits of fostering a culture of psychological safety include


About Paddy

Paddy is a Neuro Coach (Brain-based coaching). Paddy specialises in neuro organisational culture and team development. He works with leaders and teams around the world helping them to perform at a much higher level, he does this by helping people understand their brains, taking complex information and making it practical and easy to understand. Paddy is driven by a passion to help leaders, business owners, teams, and organisations to perform at their best so they can thrive and achieve more success both personally and professionally.

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Paddy has also worked in management roles for over 20 years. He has a keen eye for return on investment (ROI) plus a return on people (ROP). Paddy believes that we are only as good as our team and lives by the motto “our team is our success”.


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