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Building a resilient brain workshop

Live Your Best Life

“Looking after our emotional and social wellbeing during times of uncertainty and change”

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Harvard Business Review published a report in January 2021 showing that “41% of workers feel burned out due to factors like working remotely, working longer hours, juggling family demands, threatened job security and fear of unsafe working environments”.

All of the above will have a negative impact on our team’s performance and may lead to increased stress and possible burnout. Taking action to look after our emotional and social well-being is more important now than ever.

In the workshop we talk about the impact stress has on our brain plus the impact that not managing our stress can have on us both professionally and personally. In the current climate self care may have taken a back seat because we are caring for others, in order to care for others we must firstly care for ourselves.

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Some of the impacts of team's not managing their stress include

  • Struggling to cope with daily workload

  • Decrease in productivity

  • Not being able to think clearly & poor decision making

  • Decrease in memory and learning abilities Increase in negative moods and emotions

  • Feelings of isolation

  • All of the above will impact how we show up each day for ourselves, our colleagues and our families.

Takeaway's from the workshop

Attendee's will understand the impact that stress can have on themselves and their teammates and their families in the short term, medium term and long term.

We give attendee's brain based strategies that they can use straight away to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety or overwhelm and provide attendee's with resilience practices which will help sustain their mental energy (fuel) so they can achieve more of their peak mental performance on a daily basis both professionally and personally.

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